In Remembrance of Those Unjustly Hung
In Remembrance of Those Unjustly Executed as Witches



I must admit that we found it somewhat frustrating to learn, near the end of our week in Salem, that most of the horrors of the witch accusations, hunts, jailings, and resulting murders actually occurred in Danvers, Massachusetts; an area that had been part of Salem prior to the witch hangings when many of Salem’s inhabitants broke away from Salem, determined to start their own church and town. (Danvers is a small town near Salem that in those days came to be known as “Old Salem” and/or as “Salem Village”.)

Turning back the pages of time, it is important to know that the occurrences seemed to be predominantly related to religion. For it was the Puritan religion that everyone built their lives, their days and all of their activities around.

The Puritan religion was a very strict religion; a religion that allowed no one to experience any activity throughout the days of their lives doing anything but working, praying and attending church. There was no such thing as recreation, leisure time or fun. It seems as though it was this very fact that eventually became Salem’s undoing.

The main dilemma I faced was the fact that this little town has gone to incredibly great lengths to bury its shameful secrets of its past. Thus, any tangible evidence of its history is next to impossible to dig up. I am not the first to come upon this frustrating discovery. There have been countless others before me rendered helpless to locate the actual “happenings locations” (or landmarks) of the terrible crimes. Crimes perpetrated against twenty innocent people in the small town of [then] Salem three hundred years ago.

Thus, as one might imagine, my digging for the truth began.




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  1. Jeanie, This sounds like had an awesome time! I have read a few snippets that you have written here and there and I hope that you will post more. This bit that you have recently shared sounds like it could be the forward to a book. It feels like you have lots of interesting adventures and I hope that I get to read about more of them. Tommy


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