SO, WHAT DID MY RESEARCH TURN-UP? (…and just where is Gallows Hill anyway?)

One of Many Downtown Salem Trolley Cars
One of Many Downtown Salem Trolley Cars
First of all, let me tell you that at first, I decided to believe the teller of the third story as to the location of Gallows Hill. Why? Because he was an elderly gentlemen who drove one of the Salem Trolley Tour Buses who shared with us a rather lengthy history of Salem to the best of his ability. (There’ve been so many countless attempts to bury the secrets of 300 years ago, that there are lots of holes in the history.) But, as he turned a corner in Salem, he pointed down a somewhat busy road and said, “That’s Gallows Hill up there!” Sadly, my husband and I failed to get the name of that street, but did snap a picture as he rounded that corner.

Here are two photos; one taken at a distance, and a cropped version to bring the end of that road up-close. Let me first mention, that part of my research turned up the following information: “The hill that it is said was used for the hangings, was covered with hard rock that had jagged crevices down the front of it. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the hangings took place at the top, since there would have been almost no place to pound-in stakes to use. However, there is a smaller hill halfway down the front of that tall hill, a mound of sorts, also with jagged rock down it’s front. It was thus determined that the smaller hill was likely used, and then the bodies were tossed carelessly down the jagged rocks.”

It is documented that, “After dark, the victims loved ones sneaked-up to the jagged rocks, gathered their loved ones bodies, and took them away where they could bury them.” Never have I seen such confused mess resulting from a town spending centuries trying to bury the secrets of it’s past!

The elderly gentleman (who’d grown-up in Salem)pointed down this street and answered, “It’s up there,”
Gallows Hill: At the top now stands a large building, the tree halfway down, is Gallows Hill-they say
Gallows Hill: At the top now stands a large building, the tree halfway down, is Gallows Hill-they say



We were directed to another location that I was told was Gallows Hill, and here it is:

Hill also identified as Gallows Hill
Hill also identified as Gallows Hill

The same hanging site now
The same hanging site now

. . . and this is a photo from Perleys writings stating that Gallows Hill (pictured above) looked like this back then:

gallows hill according to Perley's History of Salem
gallows hill according to Perley’s History of Salem



Nobody knows for certain where Gallows Hill is located, and no one ever will.


NOTE: I also came upon reliable information that most of what occurred back in 1692 did not even occur in Salem, but in Danvers, Massachusetts which was the “Old Salem”. I can assure you that trying to find any landmarks could be an interesting task for anyone interested in history.

(Although there certainly is a library in Danvers – we ran out of time so I was unable to look into that possibility.)

Some researchers believe that there were actual paranormal occurrences involved in the mysterious events that took place in Salem back in 1692. Depending of course, upon your own beliefs about good versus evil, heaven versus hell, and God versus satan, you will have to draw your own conclusions on that one. Personally, I am not totally opposed to that theory (and, in fact, have a somewhat relevant site here at WordPress titled, Forever Nearby dot com that you might find helpful.)

So, I’m going to include a couple of books that I learned contain the most reliable record of what happened. The authors of these books are researchers and scholars who have dedicated years to digging deeply into Salem’s secrets. I believe these books are the most reliable to be found anywhere.

by Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund, Author
Author of the book, “BAD RAP The Truth About the Tragically Misunderstood Pit Bull” (Available at, Barnes & and at


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